Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, is exciting. You get to experience new things or revisit places from your memories. However, there are a lot of things to organize before a trip. As you sit down to make your list one morning with a cup of coffee, you scratch the dog behind its ears and then it hits you, what am I going to do with the dog?! A part of you wants to take your furry friend with you, but that is probably not going to be possible. You may have friends that can help but just having someone come and go for walks and feeding means that your pup is going lonely and sad.

Luckily there is an affordable alternative for the dog lovers of Germantown looking to travel and keep their pooches happy and healthy. Country Kennel provides short- or long-term dog boarding at our large and picturesque property in Mount Airy.

Much More Than Your Average Dog Kennel

Country Kennel understands that the dog lovers of Germantown want the best for their pets and are concerned that their canine companions will be properly taken care of.

At Country Kennel we offer:

Temperature controlled living spaces: Differences in hair length, breed and age mean that each dog has different requirements to keep them comfortable. We take this into account with each of the dogs we take care of. Heating and air conditioning is regularly monitored to ensure comfort. We even have a generator ready just in case the power goes out.

Fully covered outdoor area: No matter if it is rain or shine your pooch will be able to be active and have fun. They can play with other boarders or have their own time if requested.

Daily workouts: If you have an active dog, then you may request a personal 15 minute workout specific to their needs. This could be a walk, run, obstacle course or a combination of activities.

Medication: If your dog needs medication then we will happily accommodate their needs for a small fee.

Yappy hour: Provide them with the extra service of a Kong toy filled with peanut butter and treats to keep their tails wagging.

Experienced pet-loving staff: We have more than 45 years of experience taking care of a variety of different breeds with a range of different temperaments.

Cat Boarding

We can also help cat owners in Germantown who are traveling and want to make sure that their felines are well taken care of. We have a separate facility for cats that is tailored to their specific needs.

Contact Us Today!

If you live in Germantown or the surrounding area then give us a call before your next trip. You can tour the facility and see why we are a top choice for travelers looking for an excellent dog boarding facility.