Dog Daycare in Germantown

As a dog owner, is there anything worse than leaving your dog at home? Whether you are leaving town for vacation or just going to work, leaving your dog behind is never easy for dog owners. But can you imagine how hard it is for your dog? You may have already seen evidence of how hard it is on your dog when you come home and it looks a lot more like a crime scene than when you left it.

Good thing The Country Kennel Inc. is here to help Germantown dog owners make sure their best friends are getting the care and attention they need while they are away with our doggy daycare program. We pride ourselves in delivering top-quality facilities operated by a staff that has over 45 years of experience caring for your pets.

About Our Doggy Daycare

We know that dog owners wouldn’t bring their dogs to The Country Kennel Inc. unless we offered top of the line care. Our doggy daycare program has been designed to provide a ton of fun and excitement for your buddy because an active pet is a happy pet.

Housed in its own separate facility away from other cats and pets we board, our doggy daycare contains fully-heated and air-conditioned play rooms covered wall-to-wall in comfy rubber mats and more chew toys than your dog will know what to do with. One of our experienced technicians is always nearby to make sure the playing never gets out of hand. And, on especially hot days, we’ll take them out to the bone-shaped pools to help them cool off.

If your dog is a bit older and you’re worried about how it will get along with the other, more active dogs, don’t worry. We are proud to offer a Zen Den for all the older pooches that participate in our doggy daycare program. The Zen Den is where your animal can relax, contemplate the meaning of canine life, or simply plop down for a nap and dream about a nice belly rub.

To learn more about our doggy daycare’s features, pricing and discount packages that might apply, call us today at (302) 831-7766 or (410) 795-5544.

Dog Safety First

The Country Kennel Inc. takes your pet’s safety very seriously. Before we admit any dog into our doggy day care program, we take the time to socialize your dog with others to ensure there aren’t any conflicts between the pets we’re taking care of.

At The Country Kennel Inc., there is nothing we value more than your pet’s safety. We take every precaution necessary, and some that aren’t quite as necessary, to make sure the due diligence on all our daycare dogs is done.

If you know you are going to be away in the near future, please contact The Country Kennel Inc. to see why Germantown pet owners trust us to make sure their companion gets the proper care they deserve.