Dog Daycare in Germantown

As a dog owner, is there anything worse than leaving your dog at home? Our furry friends mean the world to us. They keep us company during hard days and long nights. They’re always up for a game of catch, even if it’s pouring rain outside. And they are true friends through thick and thin.

Whether you are leaving town for vacation or just going to work, leaving your dog behind is never easy for dog owners. But can you imagine how hard it is for your dog? You may have already seen evidence of how hard it is on your dog when you come home and it looks a lot more like a crime scene than when you left it. Not every dog has separation anxiety, but being separated from your beloved pooch is never a fun experience—especially seeing your dog’s distress as they realize you’re packing your bag.

I can’t speak for everyone reading this webpage but heading to work is a necessarily evil for most of us. Good thing The Country Kennel Inc. is here to help Germantown dog owners make sure their best friends are getting the care and attention they need while they are away with our doggy daycare program. We pride ourselves in delivering top-quality facilities operated by a staff that has over 45 years of experience caring for your pets.

About Our Doggy Daycare

We know that dog owners wouldn’t bring their dogs to The Country Kennel Inc. unless we offered top of the line care. Our doggy daycare program has been designed to provide a ton of fun and excitement for your buddy because an active pet is a happy pet. You’ll save money and won’t need to hire a dog walker!

Housed in its own separate facility away from other cats and pets we board, our doggy daycare contains fully heated and air-conditioned play rooms covered wall-to-wall in comfy rubber mats and more chew toys than your dog will know what to do with. We make regular visits as comfortable as can be for your pampered pet. Their home away from home has its own deluxe facility, and they’ll get to socialize with friendly pets of all ages—all of which we’ve vetted to make sure they’re safe and friendly for other dogs to meet. One of our experienced technicians is always nearby to make sure the playing never gets out of hand. And, on especially hot days, we’ll take them out to the bone-shaped pools to help them cool off.

If your dog is a bit older and you’re worried about how it will get along with the other, more active dogs, don’t worry. We are proud to offer a Zen Den for all the older pooches that participate in our doggy daycare program. The Zen Den is where your animal can relax, contemplate the meaning of canine life, or simply plop down for a nap and dream about a nice belly rub.

Studies have shown that, when it comes to getting older, our furry friends need community and activity just as much as their owners do! We’ve thought of everything for keeping your older pal stimulated without leaving them to the mercy of the younger pups in the daycare program.

To learn more about our doggy daycare’s features, pricing and discount packages that might apply, call us today at (302) 831-7766 or (410) 795-5544.

Dog Safety First

The Country Kennel Inc. takes your pet’s safety very seriously. Before we admit any dog into our doggy day care program, we take the time to socialize your dog with others to ensure there aren’t any conflicts between the pets we’re taking care of. We have an extensive intake program that requires all guests of our doggy daycare to pass a socialization test. We have no tolerance for dogs that endanger the safety of our other guests, and will take decisive action to protect our charges, not our bottom line.

At The Country Kennel Inc., there is nothing we value more than your pet’s safety. We take every precaution necessary, and some that aren’t quite as necessary, to make sure the due diligence on all our daycare dogs is done. Coming to The Country Kennel Inc.’s doggy daycare program should be a delight for dogs and their owners. That’s why we take every step possible to make sure our facility is safe and fun for every dog—no matter what shape or size!

If you know you are going to be away in the near future, please contact The Country Kennel Inc. to see why Germantown pet owners trust us to make sure their companion gets the proper care they deserve.

Exciting Extras

When your dog comes to hang out with his or her friends at doggy daycare, there’s a lot more that they have access to than our comfortable inside and outside dog kennels, playrooms, and employee attention. We believe in going the extra mile for your pup so if you’re interested in additional services while they’re here for the day just let us know when you call to make an appointment.


Is Fido looking a little rough lately? Don’t worry, we understand how tough it can be keeping on top of grooming when you’ve got a busy schedule. Not every dog can be a sleek little Italian greyhound with fur that maintains itself. So, if you’ve got a dog who could use a little extra assistance getting the hair out of their eyes, just give us a heads up and we’ll be happy to help!

Grooming is available at a starting rate of $63 for small dogs and $79 for extra large dogs. Our groomers and kennel technicians alike understand that no Germantown dog is like the next, meaning they all have different needs we will have to assess and then take care of!

Our Shed Ex Program

Our famous Shed Ex program is something everyone can enjoy. Using an intensive hydro-surge treatment to loosen up excess hair and then a deep clean shampoo for a texture you’ll love to pet, you’ll never want to go back to normal bathing and trims! Regular use of our Shed Ex program is a surefire way to get your dog’s shedding under control—even during summer! By regularly loosening dead skin and hair follicles, your dog’s coat will look glossier and smoother. Our gentle airbrushing loosens extra hair for a pet that’s as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

The best part? Every Shed Ex session includes a followup treatment 7-10 days later completely free. We offer incredible discounts for repeat customers, too. Try it out—we know you’ll be impressed by our special Shed Ex program.

Extras you’re more than welcome to add on to basic grooming include ear washing, teeth brushing, nail clipping or the spa special that even includes a facial! Wondering how we give a dog a facial? Feel free to ask—it’s just another special feature of The Country Kennel Inc.’s comprehensive doggy day care.


Especially when the weather is nice out, your dog is going to want to get out there and experience it, and that can result in tangles and dirt. At only $20 for 20 minutes, we offer a DIY pet wash including standup tub, professional shampoo, two towels and the use of a blow dryer. Why DIY? Just think about the last time you tried to wash your best friend in the tub at home. Did it go well, or was it a mess?

If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to hang out with your pup yourself, our bathing services range from $46 to $70 and our certified dog care professionals will be happy to transform that muddy dog into a companion you don’t mind having up on the bed.

Medicated Baths

Just like their owners, your canine companions pick up rashes and scaly patches with the changes of the seasons and as they go about their doggy days. We have a wide variety of treatments to take care of any cosmetic issue your pet might have. Every dog owner in Germantown by now knows the dangers of ticks for your furry friend, so we offer medicated baths to get rid of ticks and fleas at the source.

Our medicated baths are the perfect add-on for beauty that’s more than skin deep!

Daycare for Dogs

Just like it’s important to have a fun, safe, and comfortable place for your children to go during the day when you need to be out of the house for an extended period of time, the same goes for your pet. Offering the best in inside and outside dog kennels, lots of play time and treats, and the peace and quiet older dogs are looking for, The Country Kennel Inc. is a daycare for dogs that you may even want to stay at yourself.

Want to know more about our competitive rates? Or just to talk about who’s staying at the doggy daycare this week and whether or not your pet will be a good fit? Give us a call today, and let’s book your dog’s stay!