Dog Grooming in Germantown

They may be a man’s best friend but one thing that most dogs in Germantown are not too fond of is having their nails clipped, ears cleaned or, to be quite honest, most other grooming services. And honestly, we get it. Most dogs don’t feel like being poked or pulled at, and simply want to be left alone.

However, if you bring your beloved canine friend to The Country Kennel Inc., you can rest assured that pampering experience that they receive will not only leave them looking and feeling their very best, but it will also remove their aversion to the many grooming services that can leave them feeling a million dollars.

A Wide Range of Dog Grooming Services

At The Country Kennel Inc., we take the dog grooming service we offer to all our canine pals in Germantown very seriously. As well as offering tailored nail clipping and hair cutting services, we also offer a range of medicated baths to help our dogs deal with any troublesome skin conditions that they may have. Using the safest but most effective shampoos means that we can take care of issues as irritating as ticks, fleas, excessive dandruff and other skin-related ailments.

On top of that, we also provide a suite of grooming services for dogs of all sizes. This includes but is not limited to our regular grooming services as well as extras such as:

  • Ear washes
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail clean
  • Nail filing
  • Spa special
  • Flea and tick dip
  • Shed-ex

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

When it comes to dog grooming, many owners feel that it is an unnecessary luxury that can be easily done at home. However, recent research indicates that this simply isn’t the case. Dog grooming from a professional specialist service like The Country Kennel Inc. will not only leave your canine companion looking better, they will also feel the many health benefits that come from such a treat.

With that in mind, here are five benefits of a professional dog grooming service:

  1. Regular grooming from a professional maintains a healthy coat and skin.
  2. Regular nail trims not only keep your nails short, they also help reinforce healthy foot structure, posture and reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Your pet dog will look and smell great.
  4. Regular visits will help detect ear, skin and tooth issues before they become too serious.
  5. The shiny and healthy coat will shed less and look better.

Contact Us Today

With a wealth of experience, The Country Kennel Inc. provide a dog grooming service like no other. Our skilled and passionate pet care specialists understand that no two dogs are the same and that is why we offer a suite of grooming services that are tailored to meet your dog’s needs.

So, if you are in Germantown and want to have your dog’s hair or nails clipped without it being a major ordeal, then you need to call us today.