Dog & Cat Boarding in Mt. Airy

All aboard to the pet palace. Here at The Country Kennel Inc., we’re proud to offer first-class dog and cat boarding to all the pet owners in the Mt. Airy area. We know your little companion is the love of your life, and that’s why we’re here to give them the care and attention they deserve. For every animal, we promise a safe, clean kennel, plenty of play, and a whole lot of love.

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A Pet Boarding Home Like No Other

The Country Kennel Inc. is the premier choice for pet boarding. Our facilities offer a wide expanse for your dog or cat to lounge, frolic, socialize, and learn to love their time here, even if it means they’re away from the one they love most. We like to think we do things a little differently here, taking the time to get to know our guests so we can provide them with a higher standard of service. From start to finish, we put your pet’s needs first, and we always keep them at the center of our attention.

Our kennels welcome all friends, feline and canine. We house cats in a separate section, where they can enjoy their peace and quiet in a comfy condo away from the rest of the guests. We offer single-night stays, multiple-night stays, and long-term stays, so no matter how long you’ll be away, you can bet your pet will feel right at home here at our kennel.

Your Pet’s Safety—Our Top Priority

We know that the dog and cat owners worry about their pets being lonely in a different and unfamiliar environment. The Country Kennel staff members will watch your pets all the time to make sure they are happy, safe and secure.

Whether your pet is short hair, shaggy, wire hair or has any other type of coat, we at The Country Kennel Inc. will make sure that your animal is safe from the elements. Our facilities are powered by a generator for emergencies to always give your pet the perfect temperature. Pet owners can also rest easy knowing that we also provide fully covered outdoor areas. Your pets, when you leave them with The Country Kennel Inc., will benefit from the most accommodating facilities available in Mt. Airy.

A Nurturing Environment Your Pet Will Love

We want you to know that your cats and dogs will be in good hands. And we also want the animal lovers to know that we at The Country Kennel Inc. understand that no two customers, both in and out of the animal kingdom, are alike.

That’s why our boarding services come with a personal touch. As a local kennel, we like to go above and beyond to give each of our guests the little extra love they deserve. We know it can be discomforting for them to be away from their owners, so we want to be there to give them a big warm welcome to our facilities. We make sure we attend to your pet’s precise needs so that they can enjoy themselves during their stay. Their wellness is our focus—their satisfaction is our mission!

A Boarding House Staffed by Certified Professionals

Our boarding house is staffed by trained and qualified professionals who maintain a close eye on all day-to-day activities. They’ll be there to supervise your pets, make sure they are well cared for, and facilitate fruitful social interactions with the other guests. Rest assured: your pet is in safe hands with the team at The Country Kennel Inc..

Fully Customizable Boarding Services

Not only are we committed to providing a safe and caring environment for dogs and cats, we also offer fully customizable services. If your pet is fussy, then feel free to leave us your pet’s specific food, if your animals are more active and need a run, then our kennel technicians can bring them for a daily 15-minute workout. If your pet has medical conditions, we at The Country Kennel Inc. are qualified to administer their medications, we are even qualified to give them insulin.

We’re here to attend to all your pet’s needs. Are they shy? They’ll feel right at home in our relaxation area. Skittish? We’ll provide plenty of opportunities to socialize, but we’ll also let them take their time to warm up. Are they a social butterfly? Don’t worry—we’ll make sure they have all the playmates they can manage. Sleepyhead? Let them take a tour of our Zen Den, where they can nap to their heart’s content. Whatever your pet may need, we’ll be sure to provide for it.

Feel free to browse our boarding services price list to see what extra amenities we have available. For questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Price List for Boarding Services:

Regular Boarding Prices
First dog $43.00 per night
Second dog $22.00 per night
(in the same run only)

Cats: 1 Condo $22 per night
2nd Cat (same Condo) $12.00 per night

$5.00 Yappy Hour (Kong filled with Peanut Butter and Treats)
$5.00 Exercise (15 minutes)

Day Care:
$15.00 a day while boarding

$6.00 per day up to 4 medications
$8.00 for 5 or more medications
$10.00 per Insulin Injection

10% Discount after 10 days
Ask about our Friendship Perks program
where you earn reward points for every
dollar that you spend.

Check out time is 12:00 P.M.

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