Dog Grooming

The Country Kennel is proud to offer a Do-It-Yourself Pet Wash for the dog and cat owners of Mount Airy.

We provide the standup tub, professional shampoo, 2 towels and use of blow dryer in the tub – All at $20 for 20 minutes.

Why a DIY pet wash?

Owners love their pets and like to see them clean and happy but cleaning your pet can get very messy. The animal may decide to walk out of the tub or try to shake itself off which can get water, shampoo and dirt everywhere. By visiting the Country Kennel for a DIY bath you can avoid worrying about your pet making a mess. Our specialty shampoos are designed for the skin and coat of your pet which requires a specific PH balance different from humans. Human shampoo may also pull too much oil from their coat leaving it dry and unhealthy.

Tips on how to wash your pet

Whether you will be washing your pet with us or from home here are some helpful tips to know when washing your pet: Carefully wash their face: Pets don’t understand when to hold their breath so never spray water directly on their face. Instead, cup your hand over their eyes and nose to avoid direct contact.

Exercise your pet beforehand: If your pet gets nervous before a bath then go out for a run or have some play time to spend some of that excess energy.

Use only warm water: Dogs and cats have skin which is more sensitive than our own (our skin deals with the elements directly where animals are protected by fur). When washing them only use water that is a little warmer than room temperature.

Use a bath mat: Animals will be more afraid of bathing if they lose their footing and their head slips under the water. A bath mat allows their paws to grip the tub even when wet.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are interested in our DIY Pet Wash then please contact us with any questions you may have or to book a time.

Additional Services

Here are some additional services which you can purchase:

  • • Extra towels and bath times
  • • Access to our professional grooming station for brushing and additional drying time
  • • Nail clippers and specialized nail files
  • • Specialty shampoos and conditioners