Doggie Day Care in Mt. Airy

For more active pets who need a bit more fun and playtime, The Country Kennel Inc. offers the doggie day care program. Our doggie day care is meant to provide more excitement and stimulation for your pets. An active pet is a happy pet. We know that the pet owners don't just want their dogs idling for their whole stay. We at The Country Kennel Inc. want your pets to enjoy themselves and have a memorable stay.

The doggie day care is housed in its own separate facility. As usual, the pet owners have nothing to fear or worry about because all of the animals are supervised by a qualified kennel technician at all times. Our play rooms are fully heated as well as air conditioned and they are padded with comfy rubber mats from wall to wall. When there is warm weather, dogs take a dip in our bone shaped pools to help them cool off. Our facilities also have chew toys and obstacles to keep your four legged family members busy with endless activities and playtime. The doggie day care provides your pets with fun and enjoyment and a chance to interact with other happy pets everyday.

As usual we at The Country Kennel Inc. want to remind the animal owners that we value your animal's security above all. Before going into the doggie day care, we carefully socialize your dog with others to make sure they get along. Some dogs are more solitary than others, while others are more playful. There is no such thing as taking too many precautions over at The Country Kennel Inc., as we value your pet's safety as much as we value the peace of mind of our customers.

If your animal is older and maybe wants to relax and chill out for a bit, we also offer the Zen Den. The Zen Den is where your animal can relax and contemplate on the meaning of “canine and nothingness” or meditate on why all fire hydrants are red (or ARE they?). Usually though, the Zen Den is used by older more quieter dogs to take naps and lie down. It is a quieter atmosphere with two or three dogs present.

Services We Offer:

Daycare charge is $15.00 per day while boarding.
Daycare charge without boarding is:
$33.00 for a full day
$20.00 for a half of day

Several discount packages are available for frequent day care visitors
If you would like your dog to attend Doggie Day care while boarding, the dog must successfully pass a temperament test.
There is a $20.00 fee for a temperament test.