Dog Grooming

Aside from providing the best in boarding and a fun and playful environment for your pets, The Country Kennel Inc. also wants those in Damascus to know that we have the last word in style. If you want your dog looking like it just won best in show, then our two master groomers are the ones to make that happen.

Our groomers, like our kennel technicians, understand that no two dogs from our customers in Damascus are alike. The Country Kennel Inc. offers a variety of cuts that are tailored to any breed. We offer facilities on our premises dedicated to grooming, styling and bathing your dogs. Furthermore, we are also able to take care of a host of cleaning problems and skin conditions your pet may have.

We offer medicated baths to deal with all types of skin conditions that your pet may have. The Country Kennel Inc. also has a huge selection of shampoos and other solutions to take care of fleas and ticks, excessive dandruff and other ailments. We also encourage the pet owners of Damascus to take advantage of our rotary filing methods for your pet's nail clipping. It's the closest thing your pet will to a having a manicure; the gentle grinding results in smooth cut nails that are completely safe and painless.

Our Shed ex program is, without a doubt, the flagship of our grooming services. The Country Kennel Inc. offers those in Damascus a comprehensive, multi-step program that gives a premium cut for your pets. The Shed ex program consists of an intensive hydro surge treatment which loosens and removes most of the excess hair. This is followed by a deep clean with shampoo. The Shed ex system works best with regular upkeep, if you get another Shed ex between four and six weeks after your initial visit, you will get a 10% discount for each subsequent visit. Basically the more you take advantage of our Shed ex the more money you save.

Services we provide to pamper your pets starting at:

$49.00 for Small dog
$57.00 for Medium dog
$71.00 for Large dog
$77.00 for X-Large dog

Bath includes: Bathing, Drying, Nails, and Ears Cleaned.

Grooms (Starting at ...):
$65.00 for Small dog
$73.00 for Medium dog
$78.00 for Large dog
$85.00 for X-Large dog

$7.00 Ear wash
$10.00 Teeth Brushing
$12.00 Nails, $15.00 with filing

$85 Shed Ex
(includes free mini Shed Ex 7-10 days after, plus 10% discount for every subsequent treatment within 8 week period).

Shed Ex Program

Our Shed Ex Program is a five step system performed by one of our trained, qualified Shed Ex technicians. This is a shedding control program that we feature. Staying in step with the program can reduce in the home by 75% to 80%.

  1. Your pet will be thoroughly airbrushed with a high velocity hairbrush to remove all loose hair. Followed by brushing and combing using the recommended Shed Ex tools for your pets appropriate hair type.
  2. Your pet is then bathed using the Hydrosurge® Therapeutic Bathing System providing an invigorating massage and thorough cleaning. Our patented shampoo penetrates to the skin and coat, increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles, providing oxygen and nutrients to the epidermis while removing dead cells, dander, and loosening dry hair follicles. After rinsing shampoo, our patented SHED-X® Reconstruction rinse is applied and allowed to soak for 5 to 10 minutes before the final rinse.
  3. Your pet will be airbrushed with a high velocity, low heat dryer until dry.
  4. More airbrushing using the appropriate SHED-X® tools to Remove remaining undercoat.
  5. A leave-on SHED-X® conditioner is lightly sprayed on pet and massaged into the skin.

$85 Shed Ex (includes free mini Shed Ex 7-10 days after, plus 10% discount for every subsequent treatment)